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Gift of Life

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Governor Pataki signed legislation establishing the New York State Gift of Life Medal of Honor program to recognize the selfless life-saving contributions of organ and tissue donors. The program honors New Yorkers for their generous donations and will encourage future offerings of some of life’s most precious gifts.

The medal above was commissioned to be presented to families of deceased donors of organs and tissues, and to living donors of organs, bone, bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cells. Eligible recipients of the Medal of Honor are living donors and families of deceased persons whose organs and/or tissues and eyes were donated beginning with calendar year 2002.

In addition to the Gift of Life Medal of Honor, the boxed package includes two lapel pins and a note of thanks from the people of the State of New York.

If you are an OPO, tissue or eye bank or transplant facility, click here to order medals online.

If you are a donor or donor family member interested in receiving a medal, please contact the recovery organization or transplant facility you or your family worked with at the time of the donation. Families may also order additional lapel pins through those organizations.