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New York Has a Smart New Program to Rush Surgical Teams to Collect Organ Donations

December 4, 2010

New York has embarked on an attempt to save lives by innovatingly increasing the number of organs harvested for transplantation in the city.

Frustrated that almost 500 people die here every year while hoping for transplants, the Police and Fire departments, Bellevue Hospital and the New York Organ Donor Network will seek out organs as soon as deaths are reported – wherever they are reported.

Gov. Signs Bill for Online Organ-Donor Registration

July 9, 2010

Enrolling in New York’s organ donor registry will now be much easier under a bill signed into law by Governor David Paterson, his office announced today. The Electronic Signature Act, written by Assembly Health Committee chair Richard N. Gottfried and Senate Health Committee chair Thomas K. Duane, would allow potential organ donors to register online, instead of downloading a form and mailing it in.