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Program Services

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The Alliance currently provides the following program services:

A. Collaborative Activities:  This program facilitates communication between members of the New York State donation and transplantation communities.  Collaboration is facilitated through Donate Life America, the New York State Donor Designation Collaborative and the UNOS Region 9 Collaborative.

B. Educational Outreach:  This program initiates projects with other statewide organizations for the purpose of promoting donation. These initiatives include state employee unions, statewide health insurance plans, and college campus challenges using the Donate Life America Campus Challenge model. Once initiated, project collaboration with Alliance members can ensure expansion and continuation on regional levels.   

C. Legislative Advocacy: This program initiates efforts to influence the introduction, enactment, or modification of legislation intended to increase organ, eye and tissue donation in New York State.  

D. Public Education: The purpose of this program is to support the implementation of public education and outreach programs that show promise of increasing organ donation.  Specifically, this program supports the replication of strategies that have been identified through the research grant program of HRSA’s Division of Transplantation as effective in increasing donation or strategies identified in the public health literature as being effective in modifying health behavior.  The program also supports the implementation of public education and outreach efforts that are based on an established framework for successful public health outreach programs.  The Alliance’s current Public Education project is entitled “A DMV-Based Intervention to Increase Organ Donation in New York State.”  This project represents a fully collaborative intervention between 4 NYS organ procurement organizations, the University at Buffalo, and the New York Association of County Clerks, who oversee Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices.  This project is open to state-run DMVs as well.

E. Registry Promotion:  This program serves to increase the number of New Yorkers who choose to be donors by registering for the State Donate Life Registry through statewide media campaigns.  The goal is to continue to create a multi-pronged approach to promoting the Registry. There are various component activities such as printed materials for inserts for DMV mailings; public relations efforts for print media; radio and TV PSA’s as well as collateralization of each component at the regional level through Alliance members. The Alliance’s website and Facebook page is also utilized to promote the Registry.  Additional activities to improve the efficiency of the Registry and enhance the process of enrollment fall into this program.

F. Social and Behavioral Research: The purpose of this program is to increase solid organ donation and to improve understanding of how to increase solid organ donation.  Projects may focus on community education and outreach initiatives or hospital based efforts focused on family consent for donation when a death has occurred. Projects may also increase knowledge of opportunities to donate specific organs or organ sections while living and the process, risks, and benefits of living donation. The Alliance’s current Social and Behavioral Research project is entitled “Increasing Organ Donation in New York through Challenge Campaign.”  Challenge campaigns in the context of organ donation promotion encourage small groups or teams of individuals to compete with one another to enroll individuals with donation registries. Prizes are awarded to the top 3 teams who enroll the greatest number of individuals to the New York State Registry.